Handmade lunch. delivered to you.

The Salt & Pepper Fox

represents my passion for crafting local, memorable dishes for Victoria. With over 15 years experience, in some of the best kitchens in North America, I knew it was time to launch my own culinary business. My network of friends and colleagues who make a living providing fresh, local ingredients allow me to source the best from our community. Every lunch order is handmade and delivered to you.

How’s that for getting serious about local?

Monday Lunch: charred beef and kimchi sandwich, chard, almond & feta salad

Monday Lunch: charred beef and kimchi sandwich, chard, almond & feta salad

My goal is to be proud of what I do. Proud of my food, proud of the way I run my business, and proud of the relationships I’m a part of. That’s why S&P FOX lunches are handmade each morning with that same sense of pride. It’s unique, as a chef, to get the chance to engage with the people who eat your food. Being involved in that relationship has only encouraged me to hold true to my standards for quality, consistency and value. 

                        ~LIAM Quinn


It astounds me that food this good can be this affordable, and delivered by such a friendly, handsome man to boot. Workplace morale = way up.
— emma~pixel union

What We Do 

The Salt & Pepper Fox takes care of lunch so you don't have to. We deliver handmade lunch to Victorians five days a week, because face it, everyone eats lunch, but not everyone makes it this good. Our specialty is our S&P FOX COMBO. Each combo has a sandwich, salad, and your choice of fresh baked cookie or chips, all wrapped up for $12. Or build your own lunch using our menu. The choice is yours!

We deliver anywhere in the downtown core and even make some special trips, so if you're off the beaten path don't fret, I'm sure we'll figure something out. You can order your lunch right up until 3pm the day before, or we can set up a standing order on a day that works best for you. We want to make life easy for our customers by delivering affordable, tasty, local meals - all week long.

While handmade lunches may be our main thing, we cater too! From evening meetings to one of a kind parties, we've got you covered. Get in touch and make your next event a hit with The Salt & Pepper Fox. Take a look at some of our events options here!