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chef/owner Liam Quinn

chef/owner Liam Quinn

I’m a chef. I’m a fan of handmade. I love local, from farm fresh eggs and veggies to clothing and business. I believe in Victoria as a world-class city and I believe in the people here; our community. I find inspiration wherever I am but can’t seem to live away from the ocean. The salt air is my lifeblood. When I’m not cooking I’m probably daydreaming of cabins in the middle of nowhere, listening to old punk rock records, taking pseudo-art photos, watching food documentaries, or experimenting in my garden.

"My first culinary memory? Crouched down on a gravel path in Nova Scotia, behind our apartment, eating handfuls of blueberries right off the bush. That’s fresh, the kind of fresh that makes a lasting impression." 

In ’94 my family moved to Victoria, but I never forgot my east coast roots. Over a decade later I had my homecoming of sorts. Off to Charlottetown, PEI to attend the Culinary Institute of Canada. That led to an internship in Bermuda where, in between rum swizzles and lazy beach days, I was lucky enough to train at Waterloo House.  I spent the next five years in Calgary, and had the opportunity to stage at some of the best restaurants in North America. I was on the opening team for a handful of rad, forward thinking Calgary restaurants, including Model Milk, where I worked my way up to Chef de Cuisine.

I loved the excitement around developing and launching new concepts, but missed my west coast life. I missed the salt air. I missed my family. I missed the water, like, actually the tap water.  It’s so good.  I needed to be a retrospective weirdo at the beach. I needed to go sit on a log and look out at the Olympic mountains. That’s my zen. That’s my meditation. My inspiration

My goal is to be proud of what I do. Proud of my food, proud of the way I run my business, and proud of the relationships I’m a part of.  It’s unique, as a chef, to get the chance to engage with the people who eat your food. Being involved in that relationship has only encouraged me to hold true to my standards for quality, consistency and value. 

I love this place. I’m stoked to call Victoria home.